Mining of the crypto currency will receive its own code in CQED.

The Government Committee supported the decision of the Council for the Development of Innovations in Ukraine to supplement the Classifier of Economic Activities with the clause on mining, how to support the operation of a distributed database, ensure its integrity, consistency and consistency by performing computational operations by electronic computers.

This was reported by the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv. The initiative is also supported by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and the head of the Committee on Informatization and Communications Alexander Danchenko.

According to Mr. Kubiv, Ukraine occupies a firm position in the world’s crypto-space, is in the TOP-14 countries for the development of crypto-economics and the implementation of projects based on blockbuster, but the legislation in the country is not progressive. The introduction of the clause on mining into the Classifier of activities to support the operation of a distributed database should take place in class 63.11 “data processing, information placement on the Web sites and related activities”, since mining provides services to support and support the operation of distributed data registries with the use of blocking technology, data processing and smart contracts in distributed block registries. “With this addition of the Classifier we will solve the problem of the detenization of the mining market,” the Minister of Economic Development and Trade added.

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