Sale of real estate in new housing developments

If you are a builder, investor or developer and you have a need in finding a legal mechanism for sale of real estate or property rights in real estate that is being built by natural persons (private investors), then we can help you.

AMC “Olimp Asset Investment” (hereinafter referred to AMC) renders the services on organization of sale of property rights and square meters in new housing developments and buildings, which are under construction, all over Ukraine. We can offer some mechanisms for sale of real estate to you using the forward contracts, target bonds, contracts for sale and purchase of property rights or develop the individual instruments for your needs.

We will also help to register a corporate investment fund, develop the sale strategy for your needs and legally ground it, provide with all answers to your questions.

You will also receive the practical advice for organization of sales of real estate through forward contracts, target bonds and contracts for sale and purchase of property rights.

Call us and arrange a meeting with our specialist in assets management, we will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

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