Involving the money for target projects, investing into new projects

If you need to involve the money to finance the new projects, to extend the business, to modernize the production and you have a team, working business, so, we will help you to involve the money to the need of your business.

What do we offer?

Firstly, this is the development of investment policy statement using which one can understand why a company involves the money, for what it is going to spend it and how it would repay the investors’ money. Secondly, in order to involve the money, it is necessary to have the comprehensive and transparent structure of ownership, the financial statements of the company shall demonstrate the stability and growth, we will help you to improve the financial position thanks to change in financial strategy and planning the current activity of the enterprise. Thirdly, we can present your investment policy statement to the range of concerned investors from a number of leading investment companies in Europe and the USA, with which we have the partnership relations.

Call us and arrange a meeting, if you are in another place or country, we can make a consultation using Skype, Viber and other communication means. At the first free consultation we provide with the comprehensive information on all issues.

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