Optimizing the sale of securities

If you are an owner of securities (shares, bonds, investment certificates) in one or some joint stock companies or an investor, who constantly buys and sells the securities, so, we can offer an instrument in the form of a corporate investment fund (hereinafter referred to as CIF) to you, which will help you to preserve your investments and significantly to save on payment of taxes at purchase-sale of securities.

Using CIF, you can preserve your investments from raiding, machinations of official with the property of the enterprise, which shareholder you are. We will help you to build the reliable security and supervision system that makes it impossible to commit any illegal actions, will provide with the mechanisms for operative control and prevention from infringement of shareholders’ rights. As well, if you decide to sell your securities, so, using a corporate investment fund, you will be able significantly to reduce the taxes.

If you are an investor, who constantly buys and sells the securities, so, CIF will help you easily to perform the transactions on sale and purchase of securities and at the same time to optimize the taxes from such activity. Using CIF, it is much easier to attract the investors because CIF has the transparent and comprehensive structure, the control for activity of a corporate investment fund is made by Securities and Stock Market State Commission, and the asset management company manages it.

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