Optimizing the sale of corporate rights in business companies

If you are an owner of shares in business companies or other corporate rights and you need to sell them, we can offer a corporate investment fund (hereinafter referred to as CIF) to you, as a reliable instrument for optimization of taxes and protection of your property.

Using CIF you will reduce the level of risk for misappropriation of your corporate rights to the minimum, as well as you will receive a reliable instrument for further investment activity and enjoy the advantages of tax planning. Having a corporate investment fund, it will be much easier for you to involve the investments into your business, to facilitate and to simplify financing the affiliated enterprises, passing over the legal consequences of such payments on legal basis, as well as to sell the corporate rights, hereby significantly saving on payment of sales from sale.

Call us and arrange a meeting with our specialist in assets management, we will provide you with the answers to all your questions.

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