Transactions with the rights of demand to the third persons

If you need to repurchase a right of demand (credit, loan) under debts of the third persons at a bank institution or Natural Persons’ Deposit Insurance Fund and further efficiently to manage the abovementioned asset, we will help you to make it using a corporate investment fund (CIF).

First of all you need to call and arrange a meeting if you are in another place or country, we can make a consultation using Skype, Viber and other communication means. At the first free consultation we provide with the comprehensive information about CIF, you will understand how the procedure for sale and purchase of right of demand takes place using a corporate investment fund and further management of portfolio.

We will also provide you with the complete information about possibility for operation of CIF, sphere of its application and tax privileges while running the investment and economical activity. You will also receive the manual with practical examples for application of CIF in investment and economical activity from us.

Call us and arrange a meeting with our specialist in assets management, we will provide you with the comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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