Possessing and managing the residential and non-residential real estate

If you are an owner of real estate (building, land, integral property complex or other real estate) and if you need to protect, to improve the efficiency and to increase the profitability of your property, so, we can help you. As a bonus, the significant reduction in taxes that will arise while receiving the profit from use of real estate (lease, paid constant use, etc.). After performance of internal audit we will offer the best instruments for protection of your real estate against misappropriation to you and will provide with the mechanisms for its best use in commercial purposes.

We know how legally significantly to reduce the taxes during receipt of profit from possession of real estate.

We can also accompany the process for re-execution of real estate from development of concept up to completion of lease agreement or sale of real estate.

Call us and arrange a meeting with our specialist in assets management, we will provide you with the comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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