Possessing and managing the patents, intangible rights

If you are an owner of intangible assets (copyrights, patents, royalty, franchise or other intellectual property) and you need to sell this property and significantly to reduce the payment of taxes on legal basis that arises during sale of intangible assets and to make a contribution into authorized capital of a business company due to fair price without tax consequences, so, we can help you.

We know how legally significantly to reduce the taxes during sale of intangible assets using a corporate investment fund and will help you to develop a sale plan and successfully to implement it.

If necessary we can accompany the sale process of intangible assets from development of concept until completion of sale agreement. If it is necessary to introduce the intangible assets into authorized capital of business company or to transfer into paid use, we will help you significantly reduce the tax burden from such operations on legal basis.

Call us and arrange a meeting with our specialist in assets management, we will provide you with the comprehensive answers to all your questions.

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