Investfunds demonstrate growth in EU.

Investment funds in Europe demonstrate a positive trend. The increase in net assets was recorded by most types of both public and alternative investment funds. This is stated in the report EFAMA (Association of the European Investment Management Industry) on the performance of European investment funds in 2017.

The net assets of public (UCITS) and alternative funds (AIF) increased to EUR 115.6 trillion, which is 10.1% higher than in 2016. Assets of the UCITS Group in 2017 grew to EUR 9.7 trillion. At the same time, the assets of the group AIF – up to 5.9 trillion EUR.

Net sales of UCITS and AIF reached 949 billion EUR, its highest historical level, beating the previous record of 2015 (EUR 756 billion).

A number of important trends should be noted. First, the largest inflow of funds among all types of funds of the UCITS group are bond funds (Bond funds) – EUR 315.65 billion. Secondly, Equity funds have reversed the negative trend: in 2017, a net inflow of 159 billion EUR was received (compared with a net outflow of 9 billion EUR in 2016). At the same time, money market funds reduced net sales to 68 billion EUR, while in 2016 there were 111 billion.

Leaders among European countries with the largest assets of UCITS funds are Luxembourg, Ireland and the United Kingdom. UCITS funds registered in these countries also demonstrated the highest growth rates of net sales. Leaders among the European countries with the largest assets of AIF funds are Germany, France and the Netherlands. The leaders in the growth of net sales in the AIF group were funds from Germany, Ireland and Luxembourg.

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