History for establishment of AMC “OLIMP ASSET INVEST”.

The asset management company “Olimp Asset Invest” (hereinafter referred to as AMC) was established in 2012. The company has the license for assets management No 1169, dd. 26, December, 2012, issued by Securities and Stock Market State Commission.

Understanding the complexity and indeterminacy of financial system in Ukraine and having the working experience of fifteen years in financial stock market of Ukraine, hundreds of implemented investment projects, the founders had the vision and desire to bring the company to financial market of Ukraine, which will be able to render the services of new quality, a full cycle of assets management and high quality.

The team of AMC consists of specialists in assets management, lawyers, who are specialized in financial and tax law, specialists in monitoring and prevention from contraction to terrorism, specialists in quality of provision with financial services and investment ones.

Having passed a difficult way in establishment of financial system and stock market of Ukraine, we understand and know how efficiently to perform the investment policy in order to preserve the investments and steadily to receive the profits.

Having the team, being able to implement the investment projects of high complexity and understanding the details of investment and tax law, we can offer the best instruments and service in the territory of Ukraine to our clients and partners.